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Very good parfume

Perfect performance

Lovely scent

This is my forth clone of Tygar and I can say that this is probably the best one. If you like that dna this is a no brainer

Clone of invictus elixir

Tested side by side, it is atleast 90% close to the real thing. It lasts just as long and project's as good if not better. Would highly recommend

Thanking royal perfume lt

Absolutely love Ajmal Amber Santal! The blend of amber and sandalwood creates a warm, inviting scent that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s truly unisex, with just the right balance of sweetness and earthiness. The longevity is impressive, lasting throughout the day without being overpowering. Highly recommend!

Just Aswad Brilliant

Perfume is excellent


Labai geras kvapas gaivus šviežių kriaušių.

Ard Al Khaleej Ghala Zayed Luxury Silver perfumed water unisex 100ml

Perfect service

Amazing products and fast delivery.


Excellent parfume. Very good longevity.

Miss my order

After 10 days still didn't receive my order

First order parfum Haul

All was fine, testing the perfumes out now, waiting for some good deals to order again ;-)

All in all beautiful

I really like most at the perfumes
But there was some issues with the post so it took a bit long then expect and have to write about it , but the perfumes was very nice

Great olfactory experience

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the great shopping experience at Royalsperfume. From the first click to the delivery of the product, every step was executed with exemplary efficiency and care that deserve to be commended, taking into account that I live in Portugal and the delivery surprised me in a good way.
I was particularly impressed with the diversity and quality of the products offered, and the reasonable prices, particularly the Arabic/Middle Eastern perfumes, that are hard to find here in Portugal. The perfume I chose arrived in perfect condition, carefully packaged, which demonstrates your commitment not only to the quality of the products but also to customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the ease of navigation on your website and the clarity of the information available greatly facilitated the selection and purchasing process. It is evident that you place the customer at the center of your operations, which is commendable and increasingly rare in e-commerce.

Customer service was also exceptional. The prompt and informative responses to my questions before the purchase increased my confidence and satisfaction with your brand.
I will continue to recommend your services to friends and family and look forward to my next purchase, that by the way, already did it again :D
Best regards,


Good product, nice price and decent delivery time abroad

Very good

The parfume it's very good and sweet Mango

Paris Corner Qissa Pink perfumed water for women 100ml

Khadlaj Nuha perfumed water for women 100ml

Maison epoque

Beautiful perfume, fast delivery, good job 👏

Excellent parfum

Very good fragrance .

Love in a bottle

Love in a bottle....but the bottle have a broken spray 😞.

Great cherry

This is strong, boozy, smoky and dark black cherry fragrance. It is really nice but definitely not for everyday use. It has niche quality and performance is great. It can last for a very long time on clothes. Not a summer or spring fragrance at all, would be great for winter. Smells like Kayali cherry fragrance.

Huele Fantástico

I didn't get my order

I didn't get my order

Love it



Amethyst is my favorite scent! The longer it’s on my skin the better it gets. lasts all day. I'm in love!